You Spoke, We Listened!
by - July 25, 2017 in

After our first awesome year, we listened to your feedback and our team worked hard to create a way to give you the plugin- and extension-free viewing experience that some of you asked for, while still giving you the best possible quality. And we did it! That’s right – you no longer have to download the plugin or the Chrome addon.

Now, the thing about the existing plugin/addon – it makes full use of our unique technology to give you the ultimate viewing experience. It has a much lower bit rate than other platforms, and there’s less buffering and higher quality video output. So our Infinite HD still gives you the very best stream quality.

While the new player does make use of our proprietary technology, some benefits are slightly reduced, and this is mainly noticeable at the higher quality levels. However, we’ll be continuing to work on improvements, so that however you choose to watch, you’ll experience the same awesome quality.

You spoke, we listened. And now you have the choice of whether to use the plugin or Chrome addon for maximum quality, or get easier access with the plugin-free version.

This is the perfect example of our commitment to taking on board our user feedback and of our commitment to the gaming community.

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