WWE 2K15: Main Event or Diva Match-up?
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The WWE, most would agree, is the pinnacle of professional wrestling and sports entertainment. While we all know the matches and rivalries aren’t “real”, we still love the spectacle and admire the talents of the athletes who complete. I mean, come on – some of that stuff has got to hurt! However, the reviews for the latest console game – WWE 2K15 are mixed, at best. While there’s plenty of hardcore WWE fans who love the game because it features their favorite superstars, more objective players are unhappy with the quality of the game and the limited content. So, we thought we’d review it ourselves and see if we can get to the bottom of these mixed reviews.

After last year’s WWE 2K14, with it’s deep history, huge, aggressive player roster, and generous creation suite, expectations for 2k15 were high. The trailers were action-packed, and there was loads of hype surrounding the Roster Rivalries, with iconic rivalries, such as those between John Cena and CM Punk, and the rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Triple H. But does the game really live up to the hype?#

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The biggest problem for many players is the “old-gen” style of 2k15. Many feel that the game is a significant step backward when compared with the all-new, revamped match pacing and graphics of last year’s offering. Instead, the game feels much like earlier versions, with spotty in-game graphics and unnatural match pacing, with the old-style combat engine. Having said that, if you enjoyed the other WWE games pre-2k14, it’s likely you’ll enjoy this one just as much. There is a new feature that the vast majority of players believe is a great addition – a Momentum Meter – that stops you having to guess when signature moves are ready, allowing you to make use of them before they turn into Finishers.

The Story

The main story is reasonably strong, and players will love reliving those great rivalries. What’s missing is much of the nostalgia of 2k14 and there’s no iconic Wrestlemania matches, which is definitely a let down. I mean, if you’re going to feature those 4 super stars in the main storyline, why wouldn’t you include some of their most prominent Wrestlemania matches, like Triple H vs. Undertaker or CM Punk vs. Randy Orton? It feels a little shoddy and unfinished, in all honesty. It lack the finesse and polish that the WWE is so well known for.

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Who Got NXT mode is another bone of contention. While it was good in theory, the result isn’t great. This mode feels rushed and is not well thought out. There’s much disgruntlement surrounding the lack of creativity – Who Got NXT is essentially comprised of four “historical” matches for each of the NXT characters. Disappointingly, of those five NXT roster members, only two are, as of November, still in the NXT league. Additionally, none of the NXT favorites are included as playable characters. Combined with the random difficulty spikes and the annoying habit of not registering that you’ve accomplished the objectives, and you have a frustration frenzy.

The Verdict

Unfortunately, WWE 2k15 spectacularly misses the mark. The roster is smaller than ever – and there are some noticeable omissions. While yes, they’ve added a few new members to the roster this year, which have reasonably good graphics – they’ve yet again not bothered to improve the look of the characters that were already there. These continue to have ridiculous errors and poor construction. For example, Dolph Ziggler’s mouth still looks like he’s got giant botoxed trout lips. They also failed to make any improvement to Collision Detection – in fact, it seems to be worse – with lots of unnatural movements, physics-defying motions, getting stuck in corners – you know what I’m talking about – the kinks that should’ve been ironed out ten years ago.

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