Who are the CSGO Silver Snipers?
by Dingit.tv - December 11, 2017 in

There’s growing evidence that gaming can be has very prominent positive benefits for seniors in terms of cognition, reflex, and community, which leads to us to the existences of the The Silver Snipers. So who are they and what makes them so unique in the Counter Strike esport scene? 

The team hail from Sweden and consists of Bertil “Berra-Bang” Englund (81), Monica “Teen Slayer” Idenfors (62), Öivind “Windy” Toverud (75), Abbe “BirDie” Drakborg  (75) and Wanja “Knitting Knight” Godänge (63). They were formed by former Ninjas in Pyjamas team member, Tommy Ingemarsson who holds a very impressive ten CSGO world championship honours. He has been training them with the goal, who are hoping to compete at Dreamhack Winter, the worlds largest LAN party event.


For anyone that needs a reminder about the history of Counter Strike, it was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve and released in August 2012 but it is actually the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series. Most video-game titles that have become synonymous with esports require a various levels of skill, without a doubt, but CSGO is one that most may agree requires a heightened ability and quick reaction speed. But this isn’t a deterrent for the Silver Sniper squad and is actually servicing the evolution of their current skill levels. The Silver Sniper youngest player is Monica ‘Teen Slayer’ Idenfors who is 62 years old, but who has the most hours played with 69. The oldest is Bertil ‘Berra-Bang’ Englund, who is 81 with 55 hours played and a K/D ratio of 0.55, according to Dexerto.

A quote from their site says:

“For the first time in history a senior CS-team will compete against the premier eSports elite. Gaming is for the elderly and Silver Snipers are on a mission to prove it at Dreamhack 2017.

See you there if you dare!”

The team have a lot of support, a world class coach at the helm and are sponsored by Lenovo and Intel. With all this dedication, more people may start to see that inclusion in esports is a real dream and the Silver Snipers are showing it’s a reality too.


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