What’s So Great About The Broadcast App?
by Dingit.tv - October 24, 2016 in


Live streaming on the web is tricky, to say the least.  The way the web handles video is mostly an awkward mix of old and new technologies that services like CDNs and ISPs have cobbled together in a relatively short amount of time to satisfy customer demand for online VOD. One of the central complaints of live streaming gaming sites has to do with site performance: skips, rebuffering, out of sync sound, chat delays, and so forth. This is mostly because the protocols used for those sites were never built to scale. They simply used the best of breed technologies available when they were originally developed.

D!ngIt’s central advantage in our launch is as simple as one word: timing. We had a lot of examples to study. In other words, because others have been doing this for a while, it was pretty easy for us to know what not to do.

We started, then, with the source: the video source that is. Our Broadcast App does all the heavy lifting–including the encoding–for the user. The App records multiple bit rates and send this stream straight to the cloud. There isn’t an intermediary streaming server so there is much less lag. Is anyone else doing this? Well, no. We’re the first. We’re special.

The App also captures live Keyboard Button & Mouse play so that viewers can download our Keyboard Button Simulation app and learn exactly what gamers are doing while they’re streaming live. No one else is doing this, either. We’re REALLY special.

We have posted a bunch of other articles about our Broadcast App and our proprietary technologies.



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