What We Know About E3 So Far
by Dingit.tv - October 24, 2016 in

Yep – it’s right around the corner! E3 is only a few days away! Are you bursting with curiosity? Are you struggling to contain your excitement? E3! The most important date on the gaming calendar. It’s when we get to take a look at all that awesome next-gen hardware and get sneak peeks, demos, and trailers from the upcoming games we’re most excited about, and sometimes we get a few fabulous surprises, too. We get to take a look at all those awesome games that will be keeping us enthralled four 100’s of hours over the next year or so! How exciting!

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A Few Notable Absences

EA is shockingly not attending E3 2016. Instead, while some of their games will be present at E3 with their partners, EA will actually be holding their own events – one in LA and one in London. Disney, Activision and Wargaming are also conspicuously absent – but again, some of them, like Activision, will likely still have a few of their games at E3 with third parties. Yes, not having some of those big hitters there is unusual, but E3 2016 is chock-full of awesomeness, and it’s looking like it’s going to be an event to remember.

What New Consoles Can We Expect to See?

Now obviously we can’t be absolutely sure what hardware the Big Three are getting ready to unveil – but we’ve got a few ideas. While they like to tease us, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo like to keep their cards close to their chest. Sony might well be unveiling the PS4.5 (also possibly called the PS4K or the PlayStation NEO). Microsoft are also rumored to be unveiling possibly two new XO consoles – the XBOX One Slim and the XBOX One Scorpio – the Slim is set to be a lighter, more affordable version of the XO, while the Scorpio is reportedly bigger, badder, and ready to offer an outstanding VR experience. Nintendo. Oh poor Nintendo. They’ve been trying to unveil their NX console, complete with R capabilities, for the last two years. And this year was to be their year. But, according to a variety of reports, it looks like the NX will not be appearing at E3 2016. Nintendo are, as expected, keeping quiet. But who knows? Maybe they’ll surprise us!

What Are Nintendo Bringing to the E3 Party?

Over the last few years, Nintendo hasn’t had the best track record at E3, with last year being particularly bad. Their next gen console has been delayed repeatedly – and looks like it has been again – and last year, they chose to do an all-video show with trailers, video footage and sneak peeks that left fans fuming at the poor quality. So they’re on a mission to regain their authority at E3 2016. But critics are already claiming that Nintendo are playing it safe, with a sure-fire success as the centre of their event. Yep – they’re using the shiny new Zelda game – and it isn’t just video – it’s playable demos. It’s the only one of their games that’ll be playable at this year’s expo, apparently. You’ll also get to see the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game, among others.

How About Sony?

Well, aside from their PS4.5/K/NEO, which is supposedly bursting with new features, including an awesome VR experience, they are also expected to produce another thrilling E3 showcase, although we’re not entirely sure what we’ll be seeing, game-wise. Possibly some updates on the remake of Final Fantasy VII – but who knows? Sony are really not giving much away, and they’ve managed to essentially squash any leaks.

And Microsoft?

Well, we’ve already discussed their two new consoles that may well be officially unveiled at E3. We’re not sure what’s happening on the game front – although we’re hoping for some footage from Gears of War 4! One surprising occurrence is that the E3 website suddenly had an Xbox VR category with devs listed in it. Now, we’re not sure if this was accidental, or an actual “thing” – but if it is, it could indicate some exciting Microsoft VR news. Which would make sense, given that Ars Technica said that there’s at least one major studio working on an XBOX VR title.

So, What About the Games?

We already know that Activision and EA won’t be there in person, but it looks like we’ll be seeing the new Call of Duty, along with Battlefield 1, Forza (complete with a special event), TitanFall 2, and three new Tom Clancy games. There’ll also be a swathe of new DLC, and possibly some exciting footage from the Assassin’s Creed live action movie. Square Enix should also be giving us more information and hopefully some footage from the first installment of the FFVII remake. Bethesda will be there too, but other that Fallout 4 and DOOM DLC, we’re not entirely sure what we’ll see from them. Usually, they alternate Elder Scrolls an Fallout at E3 – but it feels much too soon after the release of Fallout 4 for Bethesda to unveil a new Elder Scrolls game.

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