What is Extra Life?
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Since 2008, gamers all over the world have raised money with Extra Life by simply doing what they love – playing games! Extra Life began in memory of Tori Enmon, who lost her life to acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The Sarcastic Gaming Community had been sending Tori games to play while she was fighting the disease. When she sadly lost her life in January 2008, the Community decided to get together and take part in a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Texas that helped Tori while she was ill.

Each year more and more gamers have joined in, knowing that the money that they earn will go directly towards their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. The gamers know that every penny that they make will go directly to help children in their own neighborhood or at a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of their choice.

How Can You Get Involved?

Extra Life is incredibly easy to sign up for. You choose to play on your own or sign up as part of a group. The official National Game Day is held in October each year but you don’t have to stick to the official day – simply choose a day you are free and get sponsored. Ideally, Extra Life wants gamers to be sponsored for $1 per hour of gaming, but any amount helps. The choice of game played is entirely personal – whether it is the latest WWE console game or Candy Crush Saga on your smartphone, as long as it’s a game then it’s money for charity. Simply fill in the registration at www.extra-life.org/ and start earning money for charity.

You choose between being a Classic player or a Platinum player. Becoming a Platinum member allows you to enter competitions for Platinum members and gives you access to extra swag such as t-shirts and hero medals when you reach a certain amount of money.

Gamers love to donate to charity – the gaming culture, despite all the negative stereotypes – is often very philanthropic. What better way is there to help a great cause than by sitting and playing your favorite game for a whole day? You can even stream your gaming marathon on D!ngIt and your followers will support you and watch your progress as the 24 hours flies by, cheering you on, offering encouragement, and helping you reach your goals. They may even give you a cheeky few dollars for charity simply for the honor of being allowed to watch you play.


Be a Responsible Gamer

Of course there are certain important things to remember when playing a game solidly for 24 hours. Sitting still for incredibly long periods of time can cause the blood to clot in certain areas causing Deep Venous Thrombosis so it is essential you move about and keep the blood flowing. Simple stretches and moving around every hour or so can prevent the blood from clotting. Taking a break also allows your eyes to relax. Staring at a screen for long periods of time makes your eyes feel tired and can cause headaches, so take regular breaks from staring at your game. Make sure you drink lots, preferably water as it prevents dehydration and refreshes you as you play. Know your limits when playing – if you need a break, then take one. Have a nap, have a shower, take the time you need before continuing your epic journey.

Author – Katy Willis

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