Welcome to the New DingIt Broadcast App!
by Dingit.tv - May 26, 2015 in

Welcome to the new DingIt Broadcast App!

We’ve been collecting ideas and information from our broadcasters (and thanks, by the way) since we launched our beta. This is the first MAJOR overhaul we’ve made to our broadcast app and we’re really excited to share it with our users.

You can download a new version of the broadcast app here:


DingIt will no longer support the previous version of our app in 30 days (May 24, 2015) and you need to do a clean install of this new version (i.e. Uninstall the old and then install the new with a restart to top it all off).

There are a lot of new features, but here’s a concise list of them below:

  • A game capture feature that works while you’re in fullscreen mode in game
  • Color and chroma keys now work for each source.
  • We’ve now added media sources which allows you to add video files into your broadcasts.
  • Load and save scene setups!!!!
  • Increased control over the ClickPro System. Use the external website interface to dictate whether you want the floating keyboard in your stream, and then use the broadcast app to control exactly when you want the keys to be popping up on the floating keyboard.
  • Improved controls for muting and controlling the level of the sound and mic of your broadcast.A completely revamped UI in order for you to control your scenes and sources mid stream. This will make smoother broadcasts for the Broadcaster and therefore better content for the viewers.



  • A “Fast Control Area” which acts a little bit like the iTunes Mini-player. This is particularly useful for Broadcasters who are confident their scenes and sources are setup correctly. They can use this to minimize the broadcast app window to a smaller size for more window space (in case you need it for logistic purposes), but while doing this, you have more than enough control of your broadcast.


Instructions for downloading, uninstalling the old app and install the new app here:

Dingit Broadcast app – Uninstallation and Installation guide

(The gist: uninstall the old app from your drive, then install the new one & finally restart the pc. That’s it. Use the instructions as a guideline if you think you’ll need them.)

As always, if you have any feedback, you can contact us directly at: support@dingit.tv.


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