Weirdest Video Game Weapons
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Most video games offer you a method of defeating foes you come across. A lot of the time your armory will be pretty standard, that is unless you come across games like the following. So without further, feathery ado (you’ll see why) here’s the top 5 oddball weapons in video games.


1) Red Faction: Guerilla – Ostrich Hammer

We kick things off with a weapon that we need to just double check actually exists and isn’t a figment of our imagination. Ok yes it’s real. In Red Faction, the absolutely real, Ostrich Hammer is a skin for the Sledgehammer, which is unlocked in multiplayer after reaching level 124.

If that isn’t worth grinding for, we don’t know what is. While initially included as an April Fool’s joke by the team, the Ostrich Hammer still strikes fear into anyone caresses by its deadly feathers.


2) Assassin’s Creed 2 – Broom


History has been carved in stone and scribed in ancient parchment, but little did we know that one of the most deadly weapons used by an age-old order, was a broom. We see the absolute might of this fearsome weapon when Ezio picks it up and somehow takes on multiple armed (with sharp things) soldiers, on his path to avenging his family, who were killed by the Templars.


3) Bayonetta – Hair

Bayonetta was a surprise hit and even more so when you consider that hair plays a pivotal role in the lead characters costume and weapons. Her main attire is composed of a skin-tight suit made out of her hair. It’s not just a skin or an improvised weapon, hair is integral. What also makes this weird weapon pretty cool, is the fact that we can say we took out a slew of demons using a move called the Wicked Weave.


4) Saint’s Row IV – Dubstep Gun

Who says you can have a party when taking on a city overrun with crazy villains and monsters. Someone, someone who has never played Saints Row 4. The Dubstep Gun, fires long-range pulses of energy to the beat of an electronic song, the song being determined by the Costume selected for the gun.

It has no ammo reserve, instead relying on a charge percentage that regenerates over time. Each skin for the Dubstep Gun actually influences the song that’s played causing the rhythm and beat of the song to determine the rate of fire.



5) Typing of the Dead – Typewriters

The pen is mightier than the sword, but the typewriter is heavier and more likely to crush a zombies head. Though in Typing of the Dead, you seemingly take a more refined approach to surviving an onslaught of brain hungry undead. You need to furiously type out the words displayed on the screen, which then causes eruptions of death upon the zombies. Of all the games to fuse education, real life skills and foul language bloody levels, Typing of the Dead bridges all areas. We’re not sure if this game will make it into school curriculum, but at least it offers a new method of fun game-play, even if it’s pretty weird.


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