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[WCS Global Finals Anaheim Convention Centre – Credit Blizzard Entertainment/WCS]

If there was any doubt as to whether the Grand Finals would live up to the hype that had been built around it, last night settled the argument in one fell swoop. Not only did we get to see MMA, Bomber, Life and Taeja battle it out, we got to see probably the best single night in StarCraft 2 history. Showcased in front of a capacity crowd at the Anaheim Convention Centre, along with a record breaking 150,000+ viewers tuning in on Twitch to watch the events unfold. #dedgaem

After several hours, several grueling matches and several severe technical issues, Life came out on top and Champion of the World in 2014. Beginning this tournament as the fourteenth seed and the only Zerg to make it through to the round of eight, it was a true underdog story.


[Life at WCS Global Finals 2014 – Credit Blizzard Entertainment/WCS]

Terrans were decimated and Protoss tears were tasted in some of the biggest upsets of the whole season. MMA took down Bomber in convincing fashion during the round of four, and our Champion Zerg swatted the man most expected to win the entire tournament, Zest. While there was no clear fan favourite, there was no shortage of signs in the crowd for MMA, though it was clear Life had all the Zerg support in the world going into the final series of 2014.

Game 1 – Deadwing


[Deadwing – Credit Blizzard Entertainment/Team Liquid]

MMA looked to try and take early control of this series opting for a Hellbat/Marine push after a controversial map selection. While this attack didn’t fail entirely Life held on and managed to retain his economic lead even after the damage. MMA had committed a lot to an attack that did a little, and after a small skirmish between the dwarf armies the game stabilised and both players macro’d up. It looked like we were going to be in for the long haul for this game, but MMA couldn’t hold Life’s initial Ling/Bane push and fell to the force of the Zerg.

Life 1 – MMA 0

Game 2 – Catallena


[Catallena – Credit Blizzard Entertainment/Team Liquid]

The next game is where the end really is nigh for our Terran, after scouting a Baneling Nest and getting a Siege Tank to defend MMA decides to move his army out. This was one of those moments that are in slow motion because you can see everything before it happens and can only sit and watch while it unfolds in front of your eyes. It was a perfect response by MMA however that one decision to move his army out at that exact moment, and Life’s quick-thinking to jump at the opportunity meant Life took the second game as well.

Life 2 – MMA 0

Game 3: Foxtrot Labs


[Foxtrot Labs – Credit Blizzard Entertainment/Team Liquid]

In what seemed like a role reversal, MMA took control of game number three from the start with Widow Mine drops that seemed to increase in success as well as frequency. It wasn’t a game-ending move, but the macro MMA was multitasking behind it was. While Life was busy trying to keep his economy alive, MMA was building a Bio-heavy army. When ready, that army rolled through the Zerg army, base and game to get MMA his first point on the scoreboard.

Life 2 – MMA 1

Game 4: Merry Go Round


[Merry Go Round – Credit Blizzard Entertainment/Team Liquid]

Standard play continued onto the next map for both of our Finalists with MMA choosing a Hellion push mixed with Banshee harass, but thanks to some great scouting on Life’s part there was the perfect defence waiting for him. Once Life had deflected the attack both players tried to expand but the Zerg did a great job of denying the Terran’s attempts and pressed his advantage. Merry Go Round is known for having a tough fourth base to hold and once the aggression begun, it didn’t stop until MMA was dead in the water.

Life 3 – MMA 1

Game 5: Overgrowth


[Overgrowth – Credit Blizzard Entertainment/Team Liquid]

In the final game of the night MMA’s early Hellion aggression was once again thwarted and this time Life was leaving no room for error. Right for the jugular Life masses a Ling-heavy army that although scouted by MMA, was not prepared for properly. MMA had ample time to get some Bunkers and pull some boys to repair but it was too little too late and the swarm rolled on through.

Life 4 – MMA 1

A few mistakes by MMA and a dominating performance by Life granted him the lead and the Championship. From all of us here at D!ngIt we’d like to congratulate not only Life, but the entire Blizzard and WCS crew who worked tirelessly to make this all possible. There may have been a few hiccups on the technical end, but we still got to see some of the best StarCraft we could’ve asked for and for that we can’t thank those guys enough.

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[Life at WCS Global Finals 2014 – Credit Blizzard Entertainment/WCS]

Jonathan ‘Tubbzie’ Tubb

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