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Valiance, who have been on the esport scene since only 2016, have already made quite an impression. The Berlin based group decided to transform their passion for mobile gaming, into something that could benefit fans and those wishing to become part of the esport world. Now by partnering with, all the best highlight content from their wide reaching ecosphere, is available in one convenient hub for all.

Here’s a great Clash Royale clip from Valiance called Underground Attack


Being incredibly focused on the premier mobile space, affords Valiance the ability to hone in on gathering amazing assets, which include professional talent, engaging events, content production and new esports talent training.

They have teams in Clash Royale, Critical Ops and Overwatch, meaning that they’re one of the most diverse teams in the sense of ticking off games that appeal to their own niche, albeit the video game titles all have a humongous following. It’s a great tactic by Valiance and one that helps support mobile FPS gems like Critical Ops.


Love this clip called Flying Solo from one of their Critical Ops matches


Valiance have achieve many wonderful things in such a short amount of time and we’re very glad that they’ve chosen to pair up with us at, to help share their current and future successes with our audience! You can find links to their social media and blogs on their Dingit portal, to keep up with all thew news as it comes fresh of the esport presses!

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