Turtle Beach and Effect Energy Drink Sponsor VfL Wolfsburg’s Esports Team
by Dingit.tv - February 8, 2017 in

VfL Wolfsburg’s FIFA team have now got the joint power of Turtle Beach and effect Energy Drink, sponsoring them. To the table, this combo force bring a VfL-Gaming-Zone, a “Green-White”  tournament series, and there will be additional perks provided. We’ll see the first official display of this team up in the Volkswagen Arena when VFL play TSG Hoffenheim at home, on February 12th.

From an official statement quote from Turtle Beach:


Part of the excitement behind Turtle Beach’s partnership with VfL Wolfsburg is the fusion of real and digital football through the introduction of the VfL Wolfsburg Gaming Zone,”


 “This new Gaming Zone gives fans the incredible opportunity to play the latest video games while testing out the gear the team uses right after watching a match.

The role effect Energy drink have played so far, is ensuring that the FIFA17 Launch Event last September went off without a hitch. This is yet another example of the merging of 3 worlds, into a cohesive cross branded platform, that can be utilised to really spread demographic interest and show the power of eSport as a marketing, advertisement and general entertainment medium. These deals will also have an interesting and no doubt significant effect on the e-gaming side of things for eSports.


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