Trident Esports Partner with
by - August 18, 2017 in

Trident Esports established in 2012, boasting teams in H1ZI, Counter Strike, Overwatch and more. have partnered up with This partnership means that the very best highlight content from their tournaments, including great skilled shots and funny moments, will be available in awesome quality on their bespoke partner portal. You’ll be able to watch your favorite esport team’s videos in one hub without any lag, wherever you are on the planet. Maybe not Antarctica though, yet.


Trident also have a successful female division, with Cascade, mia, Anna and Cindyrella focused on CS:GO, Halo, Rocket League and Overwatch.

This year so far, has been a great one for the Trident squad and there’s still time for more exciting events and news to come from all their rosters. Teaming up with Trident means our ever growing esport partnership catalogue, has yet another wonderful team and we’re very pleased to be able to share their great gaming highlights with our viewers.

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