Trickiest Stealth Sections in Games
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It’s been an intense week for video game fans, with 3 big titles across multiple platforms coming out. One of which is Assassins Creed Camels. Sorry Origins. While this game is all about stealthily murdering your way through history and conspiracy, lets have a look at games that tried and failed amazingly at replicating the world of a silent assassin.

Uncharted 2


Nathan Drake’s adventures have been loved by gaming fans all over the world and for some people, the Uncharted series was the reason they decided to buy the Playstation 3 and 4. The action, the acting and the story were created with such love by Naughty Dog, Bluepoint Games, SIE Bend Studio, but the stealth sections, particularly in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves were not shown such tenderness.

There’s a section in a museum so annoying, that there’s probably more forum posts about getting past it, than any other subject. The general full-proof method of getting past it is to follow a certain path, by taking out guards in a specific order. Even then it might take you multiple attempts. While stealth games have a natural rigidity about them, they should also be quite freeing. Players should have multiple methods of traversing a sneaky quest, but in this game there’s no such allowance.



The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

We love this Nintendo Switch title as much as all of you probably do, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t fall victim to our harsh review of stealth levels that make us rather hang out with Navi for a long weekend. In the Lost Pilgrimage mission (google it and see the hurt associated with it), you need to trail Okai without being seen and part of what makes this difficult is being able to keep an eye on Okai.

If you’re caught, it’s an instant fail. You need armor and stealth raising potions to successfully complete this mission, but Okai blends with the environment too often that while you try to find him, you’ll be caught instantly. If you manage to beat this the first time and still have hair on your head, you are a legend and we welcome your sage advice.





Ok so this one is a bit of a cheat, because the stealth mechanics in Dishonored are superb. That is also the reason the series is on the list, because there are so many ways to execute your mission and complete the game in stealth mode and yet we always end up making a mistake or getting noticed. Then have no choice but to just go on a very loud and bloody rampage, just to survive and carry on.

There are some amazing videos of players using all the powers your characters are given with such grace and precision that it almost looks like ballet. Murder ballet. We’ve added this on the list purely out of shame and because the game deserves to be played as stealthily as possible, but we let it and ourselves down.


Styx master of Shadows

While the Styx games, were met mostly by favourable reviews, the game had some notorious elements. Not least of all being a strange focus and almost a character in itself in the Oscar nominated, 2016 psychological thriller Elle, but also due to how the controls really impacted whether you were successful in your missions. Combat was also quite stiff, where it should be fluid in a stealth game. The world and visuals and angle of the game were executed impressively, but at the end of the day, this is a stealth game and while frustration is to be expected in this genre, it’s not acceptable when it’s due to poor controls.



Assassins Creed I

You thought we were going to mention one of the other games in the series like say Unity?

No we’re going back to the Creed roots with the first game in the series and we’re picking on this for one reason, a very damp reason you could say, but still very vital. Water. Yes you’re a master assassin you can survive falling from the tallest building, into a shallow haystack, but you fall into a large puddle and we have to suffer a long loading screen and tempestuous rage.

It’s hard enough trying to be super sneaky while a woman with a London accent keeps screeching at us in 1100 AD Damascus, without having a section where you have to hop from small pillars and if you fall off you die, because H20 is the true nemesis of the fabled assassins.

There are so many games that have random stealth missions that cause anger, we could rant all day. Have you tried the games listed here and succeeded or is there an artistic game controller shaped hole in your wall? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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