Top Tips to Make Your Stream Successful
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Image courtesy of Saria the Elf

Image courtesy of Saria the Elf

Broadcasting sounds easy, right? Download the DingIt software, log in to your DingIt channel, press “Play”, start your game, and hey presto, you’ll make thousands of dollars every single month and have 1 million followers tuning in to watch your stream in less than a week.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as that. Building a successful stream takes time, commitment, and a lot of work. Even with our unbeatable incentive program to help you on your mission to take the gaming world by storm and build a successful Pro Gaming career, you won’t be giving up the day job any time soon. You have to put the work in and build a loyal following. So, we thought we’d help you out a little and give you some of our top tips to help you make your broadcasting channel the best it can possibly be!

Tip 1: Get the Right Equipment

Image courtesy of Wild Dog Computers

Image courtesy of Wild Dog Computers

The right equipment is essential. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to go buy the most expensive gaming setup available. Instead, you need a setup powerful enough to cope with your gaming demands. The better your equipment, the better your stream quality. We offer an awesome service at DingIt that provides no lag or buffering, and super high quality. However, unless you have a decent gaming setup that allows you to stream at at least 720p, even with our super fabulous technology, your quality won’t be great.

Also remember to get yourself a decent head set, which allows you to block out annoying sounds in your immediate environment and allows you to interact with your followers more effectively.

Tip 2: Interact With Your Viewers

Interaction is a really, really crucial part of making your broadcasts popular. Purely watching someone play through a game in silence is, let’s face it, incredibly boring. With the thousands of streams you’re competing with, if you fail to interact with your audience, they’ll quickly go elsewhere – so TALK to them. Give a commentary on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Ask them for suggestions on what to do next or where to go. Get them involved! People like to interact and they like to be able to provide input. So get them involved with your gaming!

Tip 3: Be Yourself

If you’re planning to broadcast regularly for any length of time, it’s advisable to be yourself. Putting on a fake voice, a manic persona, or some other fictitious characterization is difficult to maintain and mentally and sometimes physically exhausting. Also, for making genuine connections and friendships, using a persona really doesn’t work. Allowing your own personality to shine through is the best choice. It allows your viewers to get to know you.

Tip 4: Find Your Thing

A lot of the big Pro Gamers have their “thing” – that little qwerk that helps them to stand out. But you have to be great at it. You’ve got to master it. It could be something really small and simple, like singing a catchphrase when you complete certain actions. For example, PewDiePie sings whenever he finds a save point. Alternatively, you can do little skits, practice your standup comedy, tell jokes, be all mysterious and wear a mask, or wear a costume. There’s lots of options. Stand out from the crowd and intrigue your followers – make them want to come back!

Tip 5: Be Consistent

Being consistent is crucial. If you just randomly stream whenever you happen to feel like it, your followers are unlikely to be able to find you. For your viewers, watching your stream is a little like watching TV – only more exciting and engaging. SO – they need to know when to tune in. Set a schedule and post it somewhere so your followers can find it and know when to visit your channel. Make sure you stick to it, too. If you promise to stream but fail to turn up, you’ll quickly lose followers.

Tip 6: Play Games You Want to Play

Playing popular games is all well and good, but if you don’t enjoy playing them, there’s really no point. Your enthusiasm will wain and your followers will know it. If you’re not enjoying what you’re playing, how can you expect your followers to enjoy watching you?!? Therefore, regardless of what happens to be “hot” – play what you love. Your enthusiasm will shine through and your followers will enjoy watching you. Playing what you love also helps to stick to a schedule and put in the hours necessary to make your stream a roaring success.

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Tip 7: Engage, Engage, Engage

Interaction is vital – but so is engagement! Ask your viewers questions as you play. Show an interest in your viewers and get to know them. Showing your followers you’re interested in them, and they are way more likely to hang around. Ask their opinions on your game, your play style, or even current events.

Tip 8: Promote Yourself

It’ll take you much longer if you don’t promote yourself in some way. You need to get yourself out there! Otherwise, how will people find you? Don’t be OTT but make sure you have an online presence. Get involved in forums – make useful, relevant comments – whatever you do don’t spam. Get yourself all over social media – get Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram accounts – and any others that you like the look of. Start a website or a blog – and build your personal brand.

Tip 9: Use Ads and Ask for Donations

If you’re streaming on DingIt, you can make use of our ad program and our awesome broadcaster incentive program that really helps you to start to earn as you grow. As you build followers, you can utilize ads, ask for donations, or even pursue sponsorship. However – you have to strike a balance – don’t go mad – keep it subtle. People don’t like ads, but they’ll put up with a few. However, if you bombard them with loads of ads for extended periods or repeatedly beg for donations, they’ll quickly go elsewhere.

Tip 10: Network

Make sure to network. Reach out to other gamers. Give them a shout-out on social media. Perhaps ask them for a friendly match, or ask them to perhaps join you in a co-operative mission. Follow their streams, follow them on social media, share their posts, and comment on them, too.

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