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League of Legends

League of Legends

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Whatever game we’re playing, generally we wish we were better and the same is true for League of Legends players of all levels, but particularly noobs. So, we thought we’d share a few pointers with you to help you improve, progress, and have a more enjoyable experience.

1. Learn from your mistakes – an old adage but a good one for LoL or any esport. You can read all the tips and tricks, articles, manuals, and books, and watch as many how-to videos as you can find – but it’s just not the same as when you’re playing a live match. Understand what mistakes you made and how you can avoid them in future. You can always stream or record your games, then you can watch the reruns and examine what plays you made and which ones you can improve.

2. Play plenty of practice games – This one is crucial. Diving into live games against live opponents isn’t the best way to learn – your team mates quickly get frustrated with you – and your game experience isn’t that enjoyable. Make the most of practice or custom matches, where you can test our skills and abilities, and hone new strategies.

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3. Don’t be nasty – If everyone followed this simple tip, LoL, all the other MOBAs, and life in general would be much nicer for everyone! But, some people seem to think that because they are communicating via the internet, they can say whatever they like. One person being abusive or aggressive ruins the game for the other nine players. Instead of ridiculing a team member, support them. Remember that in the digital age, people are still easily hurt or offended by our online interactions. So, if someone on your team seems to be struggling, offer a few words of encouragement or a little friendly advice.

4. No man (or woman) left behind – This is an add-on of number 3 really. Never leave a team mate behind. Always drop back and offer them support. Keeping your whole team alive and together is your best chance of winning. The exception to this rule is if your comrade has absolutely no chance of escape and you dropping back to help is futile and has no chance of succeeding. In this case, it does make more sense to leave your comrade and plough on.

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5. Watch for continual errors – While we all make the odd mistake, as you progress and get more matches under your belt, you will most likely notice a couple of errors or mistakes you make consistently. Watch your reruns regularly and you’ll soon spot those mistakes you make in almost every game. Then you can figure out what you should be doing instead.

6. Learn how to counter ganking – When you get ambushed (or ganked) make sure you cast as many destructive spells as you can. Many noobs panic when they get taken by surprise and flail around and inevitably die. So, stay calm, always suspect an ambush is right around the corner, and have your spells at the ready.

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7. Make sure you’re CSing properly – CSing (Creep Slaying) gives you your Creep Score (also known as CS), and is essentially the number of monsters or minions you kill. But you have to get the last hit on an enemy for your score to improve. You can “steal” CS from your team mates by dashing in and making that last hit. This is poor etiquette – and is one of the quickest ways to alienate yourself from your team. So, be polite – slay as many monsters and minions as possible, but try to avoid stealing kills from your team mates!

8. Predict your opponents’ moves – or try to at least. Try to get into the headspace of your enemies – try to think of their most likely move or strategy. It doesn’t always work of course – people don’t always choose the most sensible or logical course of action.

9. Communicate with your team – this is obvious but essential to success! If you notice the enemy doing something – like one of their champs is somewhere you didn’t expect them to be – warn your team!

10. Find your role – play as lots of different champions in all the different roles and figure out which combination works best for you. This way you’ll find the role and champion you enjoy and are best suited for – which gives you a more enjoyable experience and better performance.

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There’s so many tips out there – we could keep this list going forever – but these are a summary of the basic and the best tips. Stay tuned for more in our LoL compendium series!

– Katy Willis

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