Top 5 Video Game Doggos
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It’s a well known fact that we don’t deserve dogs, but they deserve the world and at least one blog dedicated to them a month (maybe a day). Team Dingit got together for a very important meeting, to discuss our favourite canines from video games and came up with a fair list below, a list that totally by accident features dogs only beginning with D.

Totally accidental, no clue how Dingit picked D! dogs. Nope. So here’s the top 5 good boys in video games.

Dogmeat (Fallout 4)

When you first meet Dogmeat, you can decided to adopt him. Naturally you do, because you’re not a monster. Dogmeat’s has great senses which help you find hidden loot and tracking abilities come in handy when hunting for Kellogg.

D-Dog (Metal Gear Solid V)

Brace yourselves for a tear-jerking origin. When little D-Dog was a D-puppy, he lost his right eye. But when Snake finds him, he takes him in and thus some of the cutest video game cut-scenes were born. D-Dog is one of the available buddies that can be found and used in missions alongside Snake

Dinki-Di (Mad Max)

Dinki-Di is a brand of dog food (thankfully not made from the dog itself) that Mad Max can use to regain his health. What we care more about is the post-apocalyptic pupper himself, who rides in your vehicle and can detect mines. We don’t know how and we don’t ask.

Doggos of all kind (Nintendogs)

Just all of them ok!

Dog (Dragon Age: Origins)

While Dog is the default name given to the Mabari war houndo, you can change it to whatever you like. Dog is available as a companion to your character, being one of the first dedicated party members that have to be a dog. Bioware also wrote party dialogue for the character, which alone is worth playing the game for.

Special Mention goes to:

Dingit Doggo

Our resident all around friendly neighbourhood pug. She’s there to give you questionable looks when we post memes and to give you the same look, to support us on a hard day.

What are dogs from video games would you have added on this list?

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