Top 5 most annoying gaming characters
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This list could probably be a lot longer, say the Top 500 most irritating gaming characters, but we all have lives and good games to play. Team Dingit decided to vent before the weekend hits, on creatures and humans in games that really ruffled our feathers. Which is a good segue into us stating right now that we’re not going to include the dog from DuckHunt. We’re not basic!

Hello nightmares


1) Oddjob – Goldeneye

If you use to play Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 (not the remakes, because we just don’t talk about those), then you’ll know that Oddjob was one of the most frustrating characters to kill and that’s why so many people wanted to play as him. He was short and your gun would wobble all over the place. His hat of death had better aim than your weapons. Nobody had a good time when this guy showed up in multiplayer. Go away Oddjob!

2) Ashley – Resident Evil 4

It would have been so easy to just let the mad villagers take Ashley and for you to just enjoy the bleak, scenery in peace. Escort missions rarely make the top of lists about the best gaming moments. The reason for this is a mixture of timers, repetitiveness and characters like Ashley. Ashley can do nothing to fend for herself and constantly requires Leon’s help. When you’re always bombarded by possessed ghoulish, infected humans the last thing you need is to hear the whiny screeches of a character that forgot how to pick up a gun or any weapon and flail it. Go away Ashley!

3) Tingle – Legend of Zelda

This creeper. Can a character be annoying simply for giving us nightmares? Well yes, we’re declaring here and now, they can be. Maybe we’re a bit jealous he can pull off tight green spandex better than us. But truthfully he talks to much and we have to interact with him constantly due to him being a map-keeper. He’s been included in so many Zelda games now, we have to accept that there’s no getting rid of him. Does anyone actually like Tingle? Stay away Tingle, don’t call us!

4) Chaugmar – Bravely Default

The reason why we haven’t finished the first Bravely Default, is because of this viscous spiky doom sphere monster. Chaugmar isn’t a creature you can just defeat by leveling up and hammering it with tough melee and elemental damage. Trust us. We have tried facing this boss at a level 13 times up from the recommended one. We still can’t do it. Chaugmar unleashes a deadly wave that is unavoidable and despite how powerful you think your party are, it will wipe the majority of their HP if not all, in one or two rounds. You need a proper tactic and build up of spells and armor and sheer luck to defeat this hideous beast and continue the game. Go be a weird death blob somewhere else!

5) Catalyst – Mass Effect

What a pompous annoying snot nosed, galaxy destroying little brat. Go back to school and stop speaking like you’re a fanboy of the Matrix Architect.


So that’s some of the most grating video game characters we’ve personally encountered and that have stuck in our memories, for all the wrong, spandex reasons. Did we insult a beloved character of yours, did we not direct enough anger at one or have you got a personal vendetta against some that we haven’t listed? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook!

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