Top 5 Horror Games to play with friends!
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Halloween weekend is here and we have a bunch of horror games that we want to play, but playing alone gives us the chills and so we’ve decided that there’s safety in numbers. Lets look at some scary video games that allow us to play with friends and mainly throw them at monsters as bait, while we run away!

1) FEAR 3


In the final installment to the F.EA.R series,  Point Man and his spoopy brother Paxton Fettel team up to take down their own mini momma, Alma. She’s about to give birth to a child and awkwardly, her contractions are sending horrific pulse waves over Fairport, bringing forth unspeakable horrors. So naturally the brothers need to find her and stop her from doing her usual creepy Alma nonsense.

The game comes with a few co-op options, a 2-player co-op campaign and up to 4-player co-op multiplayer. The co-op campaign is the exact same as the single-player campaign. This version of the campaign can be played online or locally via splitscreen. While FEAR 3 offered players the choice to replay the story as the opposite brother, there wasn’t much incentive to do so as the multiplayer allowed the same but was also a lot more fun to team up with friends.


2) Friday the 13th

Kaboom Screams Like A Little Girl from Eanix

This game was originally met with some trepidation but since it’s release people have been enjoying it and the highlights we get on are pretty fun to watch, especially from Eanix. You can play as one of the camp counselors or as Jason. While technically this isn’t a co-op game you can work together with friends to try and evade the monstrous hockey mask fiend, though the ratio favors him winning almost always, because of his special skill set and the fact that it’s pretty easy to track down screaming teenagers (in game or players on the mic).


The game is currently half price on Steam, with their Halloween sales. So it might be worth picking up if you want to play a spooky game with friends this Halloween weekend.




3) Dead Island


Whether Dead Island impressed you with its stories or offended you with it’s sequels sketchy collectors edition, the game did offer a pretty fun and fluid co-op mode. By adding features such as shared XP and money (almost like using an EXP Share in Pokémon but with decapitated zombies). The game also favored players of all levels, allowing any low leveled players to join higher ones.

While Deep Silver gave equal love to single and multiplayer aspects of these titles, they are a lot more enjoyable to play with other people.



4) Cry of Fear

In Cry of Fear, players can take control of The Cops who, end up being transported into Simon’s nightmare world. For them aka you, to escape, you must prevent any of the Cry of Fear events from ever occurring. We won’t say too much more, so as not to spoil the main story. In this very tense co-op mode, there is a noticeable amount of features from the single player story that are left out, such as, dual wielding, unlocks, and tape-recorder saving. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is still extremely daunting and all players can revive each other at any time using CPR.

When Cry of Fear initially came out it was a favorite of Lets Players and fans of the horror genre. It showed that you don’t need a massive budget to create a game that gets under your skin and can leave you breathing heavily as you traverse through a gruesome world, shaped on reality. So going through a nightmare with buddies, is a lot more preferable from our point of view.





5) Dying Light


This game is certainly a more recent entry, at least in terms of AAA games that fall under the umbrella (corp heheheh) of horror themed games. What makes Dying Light quite fun is that you can have up to 4 players in co-op, which really does make a difference in terms of having a blast and having back up to blast away the hordes of undead that chase after you as the sun sets. While reviews for the game overall were favourable enough, the co-op side was well received and it really is a lot of fun. Mission progress will be saved across all players’ games, which affects the story. When a supply drop hits the map, all of your team can pick up medicine and supplies. Most importantly, friends can revive each other and while running away from zombies in the middle of the night isn’t our number 1 hobby, it is exhilarating when we’re hearing a friend scream in their mic.

Be The Zombie mode lets players invade a multiplayer session (if the host has opted in) and become a Night Hunter who can hunt other players.

Honourable Shock Mention – Alien Colonial Marines

We can hear you laughing and crying but this game should only ever be played with friends in co-op so you can share the joy of cackling together at this broken, shoddy horror FPS set in one of the most atmospheric universes ever. Friends that laugh together at poor games, stay together. Playing poor games. Hmm maybe not breaking that cycle isn’t too great after all…


We want to hear what your favourite spooky games are, whether you prefer playing alone, with friends or what games you’re too scared to play but love watching others get creeped out by.


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