Top 5 Gaming Cats
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You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re doggo crazy at Dingit ,but we make ridiculous noises at any cute and fluffy creatures. Dogs may be useful companions in games like Dragon Age and Metal Gear, but they’re not the only household favorites that pop up and make their mark (not like that…).

Let’s show some love for Cattos! That doesn’t work as well, let’s try again – our top 5 picks for best Cats in Video games!

Meowth (Pokemon)

While Meowth doesn’t make as much of an impression in the games as he does the show, given the show is based on the games, we’re allowed to break the rules. Meowth is the sassy confident personality we all wish we could be. His one liners rival that of Wobbuffet classics such as “Wobbafet” and “Wobbafet wobbaaa“. In the games, Meowth’s standout attack is Pay Day which ends with you getting a few extra quid after you’ve already robbed a child on a mountain path.

The Cat from The Witcher 3

Look this is another cheat but bare with us. This cat appears in a scene where Geralt does a side mission where he helps a Countess train in fencing. The scene is an intense one, where the Witcher and the cat stare each other down. We’re expecting the cat to transform or say something, something must happen. What does? NOTHING! Not a thing. But we can’t get rid of this scene. What did it mean CDProjekt!?

Nyan Cat (Nyan Cat)

This is not just a gaming cat, this is a cosmic allegory for our inner selves and the true nature of video games. It may look like a happy feline hurdling through space on a pixel rainbow but it’s so much deeper. Nyan nyan!

Klonoa (Klonoa)

We’re not sure if he’s even a cat, but he looks more like one than he does an armadillo. Moving on…

Big the Cat (Sonic Adventure)

A cat that can crush enemies with his belly or leer at you with his beedy eyes, until you flee. Big is not just a rolly polly pal of Sonic and the gang, he pretty much ticks off the top two characteristics of general cats. He’s also the least annoying character in the the wave of last gen Sonic the Hedgehog video games. That alone gets him on our list, but those eyes are creeping us out.

Have we missed out one of your favourite cats from video games? Are you a cat reading this and feeling either proud or just not too bothered i.e the default mood of felines? Let us know in the comments!

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