The Shining + Oculus Rift = Awesome!
by - January 26, 2016 in
the caretaker

The Shining remains massively popular and, since the novel’s release in 1977, has been reproduced for film and TV. But now, with Oculus Rift, you can enter the Overlook yourself for a little terrifying VR awesomeness.

Fans of the Shining will most definitely appreciate the creepiness of this Shining-inspired VR experience. Can you successfully navigate your way through the terrifyingly haunted Overlook, all alone? You’re the new caretaker of the infamous hotel, there’s a final end of season staff party, and then it’s just you. All alone. Everybody else goes home for the winter. But not you. As the snow piles up outside, the roads are closed, and it’s just you. All alone. With the ghosts. Can you make it?

the caretaker

At the moment, developer Franbo classes this as an interactive experience in the horror, casual, and exploration genres. As huge Stephen King fans, we would love to see Franbo expand on the current experience and really terrify us. Plus, who wouldn’t want to enter the Overlook with their Oculus Rift, batter down a door and yell “Heeere’s Johnny!”?!? We’d also love to be outdoors when the nightmare-inducing topiary animals come to life! We can’t wait to see what happens with this awesome demo.

The atmosphere is great, with an exceptionally clever use of sound, and delivers plenty of jumps and scares. Those who’ve seen the film or read the book will find this game truly fabulous. Obviously it’s only a demo right now, but it has huge potential.

You can take a look at some of the play-throughs here to get an idea of just how creepy this game is.

You can take a look at, and play The Caretaker here. Let us know your thoughts!

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