The best-selling game ever in the US is Grand Theft Auto 5!
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With more than 85 million copies have been sold, Grand Theft Auto V has achieved many accolades and now being the top selling game of all time in the US can be added to the list.

Take-Two Interactive released its FY2018 second quarter results and from this came the impressive figures for the Rockstar smash hit game. The report stated: “Grand Theft Auto V has now sold in more than 85 million units” which is a consolidated through a combination of digital and physical sales across all available platforms.


GTA V – RANDOM & FUNNY MOMENTS from Gamesprout


This means that the game has also surpassed Wii Sports, which sold 82.83 million units worldwide. Many people might not be aware of just how successful Wii Sports was and how it broke records across many headers. GTA Online can be factored into one of the reasons for the game selling so well and retaining players. Rockstar kept fans loyal and allowed for newcomers to join, by continuously releasing free updates with game-play improvements.

Congratulations to everyone at Rockstar and make sure to keep those great GTA (any game from the series!) highlights coming in.

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