Tespa offer $1 million in Rocket League prizes
by Dingit.tv - August 18, 2017 in


Tespa have already supported titles such as Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II via their team up with Blizzard and this will continue, but in addition to this lucrative partnership they are also pairing with Rocket League’s Psyonix. Teams of three will compete for a prize-pool of $50,000 that will go towards scholarship funding.

You can watch amazing highlights from Blizzard’s library on Dingit.tv. Click the image to be taken to some great quality, Heroes of the Storm videos!

Investments in esport, such as these show just how far-reaching the industry is in terms of not only providing great PR and profit opportunities for companies but how you can genuinely help people with a passion for gaming, elevate their skills and status. Prize-pools are always a great enticement but it’s brilliant when any company partakes in esports with the aim of helping to provide scholarships.


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