Tencent to control time spent gaming
by Dingit.tv - July 6, 2017 in

Chinese company Tencent, announced this week that it will enact a feature that will limit the amount of time children are allowed to play video games. It’s function is to restrict gaming depending on the player’s age, and was launched to counter the ongoing concern over the extreme side of gaming addition and particularly Chinese children playing video games for increasing amounts of time each day. This will effect the RPG game Honor of Kings.


This game has grown to become the highest-grossing game on mobile platforms, with over 200 million users in total. It’s closest comparison has been League of Legends, which is a fair one to make only Honor of Kings truly rules the roost on mobile.


Tencent’s limitations will effect players below the age of 18, with those under the age of 12 being limited to just one hour of playing per day and will be blocked from accessing the game after 9PM. The company are looking to evolve the possibilities and restriction processes to further help reduce the growing issue.

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