So What is StarCraft II, Anyway?
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"StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm" - Credit Blizzard Entertainment

“StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm” – Credit Blizzard Entertainment

In the esports world, StarCraft II is huge. However, for those new to the world of online gaming and esports, there aren’t that many simple, basic resources available. So, in the interest of bringing in fresh blood, we though we’d better go back to basics and create a series of beginner’s guides. SO – here’s our first – a simple overview of exactly what StarCraft II is!

In a nutshell, it’s futuristic military strategy game – but that doesn’t really tell you much.

StarCraft II is the 2010 sequel to the original StarCraft, which saw massive and unprecedented popularity in the late 90’s and early Naughties. As of 2014, the game has one main game – Starcraft II, Wings of Liberty, a live expansion, called Heart of the Swarm, and a standalone expansion that was announced at BlizzCon 2014, called Legacy of the Void.


Terrans, Zergs, and Protoss are the three species featured in the games. Futuristic humans, the Terrans have been exiled from Earth, while the Zerg are a kind-of “super species” – having assimilated aspects of other races. The Protoss have seriously advanced technology, combined with supreme mental powers.

Screenshot of the action from a StarCraft II battle

Credit Starcraft Wikia

Game Play

There are multiple campaigns, and you can choose to play single player mode or as part of a team. It’s important to note, however, that there are some campaigns that are multi-player only. You can play for fun or, as you improve, play competitively and even eventually, tackle the big pro players in tournaments for big cash prizes. In the mean time, get rewards for your gaming by streaming your StarCraft 2 or any other games live on DingIt, where we offer some great incentives and major earning potential.


One of Blizzard’s most popular and successful games, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty sees you take the role of a Terran – Jim Raynor. A former marshal, you are now a haunted, somewhat dark, vigilante, with a thirst for vengeance, on a mission to obliterate the evil Dominion and their leader – your arch nemesis – Arcturus Mengsk. Over 29 campaigns, your character must work to destroy the forces of the Dominion and settle old scores.

Tychus Findlay, Starcraft, Starcraft 2, Starcraft II

Tychus Findlay – Credit Blizzard Entertainment

Where to Start?

If this sounds like your sort of game, or something you’d like to have a bash at or learn more about, you can start here. When you’re first starting out, you can play some missions free of charge, before needing to download the paid game content. If you want to meet fellow players, get tips, meet potential team mates, or get help with strategy or another element of game play, head over to the forum.

This is a really brief overview of the game, but keep watching the blog, subscribe, and follow us on social media as we’ll be taking a much deeper look at different elements of the game, helping you work on strategy and more!

– Katy Willis

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