SMITE – How to be a God for Noobs!
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SMITE – the game that allows you to indulge your god complex – by taking on the role of any of a huge selection of deities. A massively popular esport, SMITE is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) where players choose their deity and join four other deities to destroy the opposing team. As an added bonus – SMITE is entirely free to play!


As of January 2015, you can choose from 62 different deities and immortals, all of which are taken from, or based on,Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, Norse, Hindu, and Roman culture and mythology. However – every player on the team must choose a different god – you can’t have two Zeus’ on the same team, for example, because we all know that that would cause a paradox in the time-space continuum and rip a hole in the fabric of the universe!

Each deity has its own four unique starting spells, as well as special skills. Choose your character based on your preferred role within the team – Dealer, Tanking, Crowd Control, Support – Having a clear understanding of what role you need to fill is crucial to the success of your team! If you’re a total noob and have no clue, your best option is to play the tutorials and play some matches against AI teams until you get to grips with the game.


One of the much-loved aspects of SMITE is that you play as your god with a third person perspective. This provides a unique feel to the game when compared to other MOBA-style esports. Once you’re past the tutorials, where your every move is guided, you need to start developing your own play style. SMITE is a game of strategy – and it’s a team game, too. Just dashing off all guns blazing isn’t the best plan of action and likely won’t get you too far – not to mention how much it’ll drive your team mates crazy.

Play plenty of practice games and understand what each of the abilities for your chosen immortal does. Once you understand how to use your abilities, you can more easily establish the best role for you to take within your team. Decide which role you are best suited to and choose your immortal accordingly.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics and are in a live game, whether it’s against AI or real world players, you can get huge bonuses and benefits by defeating NPCs. You can be sure your opponents will also be going for the same bonuses – so be sure to get in there first!


Thankfully for noobs, you’re not just matches with any old players. SMITE uses a matchmaking system to give every player a fair and enjoyable game. You are placed in a team of evenly matched players, against a team of equally matched players. The matching is based on previous experience and previous match results. This ensures both teams have a fighting chance at victory! And, if you stream your SMITE game on DingIt, you can earn while you play with our broadcaster benefits and our awesome incentive program!

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– Katy Willis


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