Ronaldo buys share in CNB
by - January 30, 2017 in

Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima, more famously known as one of the greatest footballers ever and star of the Brazilian team has invested in  CNB e-Sports Club, who were founded back in 2001 as part of a CS:GO team.


Brothers Cleber “Fuzi” Fonseca and Carlos “Fury” Júnior, founders of the CNB company, own 50% now and made a public statement:

Esports are a global trend and, in Brazil, are a fever. It’s an impressive movement!” declares Ronaldo, in a press release. “As athletes, we find in CNB ideals that have everything to do with ours, and we will transfer to esports the adrenaline of soccer games on the fields, as well as poker tables.

Talks regarding this merging of investors, began in August 2016, and now contracts have been signed and everything is official, the boost of traditional sport stars and teams, will only strengthen the presence of eSports in Brazil and help encourage more interaction and activity to the industry.

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