Rainbow Six Siege has a new character!
by Dingit.tv - November 14, 2017 in

Rainbow Six Siege‘s latest update, with Season Four, is coming out soon and we can expect some goodies, beyond new maps, weapons and extra explosive packs. What stands out for us in this upgrade is that we’ll have a new character to get to grips with, in Dokkaebi.

Ubisoft accidentally released information on this new operator ahead of schedule, but this being the internet, quick fingered screenshot skills were applied. But there’s no harm in us being able to see what lies ahead, in fact we’re excited to see how Dokkaebi handles. Her bio reads as:

Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam is a member of the 707th Special Mission Battalion, a special forces unit of the country. She’s teased as a cunning “future soldier,” “trickster,” and a master of asymmetrical warfare who “dances around firewalls” while downing energy drinks. 

Her abilities list isn’t available yet, but being a hacker tells us that we should expect Dokkaebi to be able to infiltrate and control enemy weapons and gadgets. Additional info on her motives and also weapon set up include:

Grace has found a home for herself and she’s out to prove she belongs here… despite the target on her back. Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam is an attacker who represents a new breed of operators who hit their target where they aren’t expecting it. She brings the Mk 14 EBR Marksman Rifle and the BOSG.12.2 shotgun into the fight as her primary weapons and the C75 Auto and SMG-12 MPs as her secondary.

Xx Sinister4 xX – Ranked Bandit Ace


Safe to say that while Grace will be lethal from a more tactical approach she has the set up to cause massive damage if her back is against the wall. Looking forward to trying this new operator and to seeing what awesome gaming clips our fans will send in soon as the update is live. For all the best quality Rainbow Six video action, make sure to join Dingit.tv!


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