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Image courtesy of Deviant Art

Image courtesy of Deviant Art

The title says it all! And it really is awesome! At DingIt, we understand that it takes serious time and a major commitment to become a big broadcaster and to build a substantial fan base. Even with the fabulous earning opportunities we offer here at DingIt, which are already way more than the rest of the field, it takes a while to build up a big enough fan base to earn substantial pennies.

Because we genuinely care for our broadcasters and the gaming and esports worlds, we want to help you make your dream a reality. To that end, we’ve thought long and hard about how we can help – and we’ve got a brilliant solution! Now we’re offering you a range of cash incentives that run hand in hand with our regular earning programs, to help you out while you grow! And even after you’ve grown!

We are offering you monthly cash incentives, as well as one-time rewards for specific milestones. All you need to do is sign up as a broadcaster and start playing to take part in the incentive program.

Here’s what’s on offer:

One-time Rewards:

Our one-time rewards are given to a set number of broadcasters who reach set achievements. All you have to do is let us know as soon as you’ve reached one of these milestones.

Total Views

Total Views Total Number of Broadcasters DingIt Will  Reward Dollar Amount (in USD)
1000 First 50 $5
5000 First 50 $10
10,000 First 25 $50
50,000 First 10 $100
250,000 First 5 $250
500,000 First 5 $750
1M First 1 $2,500

Channel Subscribers:

Now, encouraging your followers and viewers to subscribe directly to your channel is good for you and the viewers. Your channel subscribers get ad-free viewing on your channel, and YOU get 50% of the cost of their subscription every month for the duration of their subscription. In addition to this monthly income, these one-time incentives in the table below are also available:

Total Channel Subscriptions (for a single broadcast channel) Total Number of Broadcasters DingIt Will  Reward Dollar Amount (in USD)
10 25 $10
25 25 $25
50 10 $50
100 10 $100
250 5 $500
500 2 $1,000
1000 1 $5,000

Monthly Rewards:

As well as our awesome one-time awards, we’re also offering these ongoing monthly awards. Every month, the first qualifying broadcasters will be given these rewards, on top of your regular earnings from your channel. Every. Single. Month.

New Viewers

New viewers are essential. Even if you’re a huge broadcaster, you still need new viewers to keep growing! So, we’re giving you the incentive to keep bringing in the viewers!

Total Unique New Viewers (referred by a unique Broadcaster) Total Number of Broadcasters DingIt Will  Reward Dollar Amount (in USD)
500 50 $10
1,000 25 $20
2,500 25 $30
5,000 10 $40
10,000 10 $50
25,000 5 $60
50,000 5 $75
100,000 2 $150
500,000 2 $1,000
1M 1 $3,000

Hours Streamed

To really grow your stream, you have to put the hours in – but hours of gaming can be hard work, right? You’ve gotta be entertaining, maybe witty, keep your viewers interested, promote your stream, and, of course, keep up the action, whether that’s battling hordes of Banelings, assassinating an enemy up close and personal, or travelling across Middle Earth and eliminating the abominations of Sauron! So, we’re offering you rewards for your gaming action!

Total Hours Streamed Total Number of Broadcasters DingIt Will  Reward Dollar Amount (in USD)
20 hours 20 $25
50 hours 10 $50
100 hours 5 $150
250 hours 2 $500

Concurrent Viewers

To really get you excited and to encourage you to make an outstanding performance, there’s nothing like having a crowd! So, we’re rewarding you for concurrent viewers!!

Total Concurrent Viewers Total Number of Broadcasters DingIt Will  Reward Dollar Amount (in USD)
250 25 $10
500 25 $15
1,000 10 $20
2,500 10 $25
5,000 5 $30
10,000 5 $50
25,000 2 $100
50,000 1 $250
100,000 1 $2,000

Go Pro Subscribers

Go Pro is great for viewers – it allows them to view the entire site ad-free, and gets them premium source bandwidth for an unbeatable stream quality. The more viewers you get to sign up, the more we’ll reward you each month.


Total DIngIT Go Pro (referred by a unique Broadcaster) Total Number of Broadcasters DingIt Will  Reward Dollar Amount (in USD)
10 25 $10
25 25 $25
50 10 $50
100 10 $100
250 5 $500
500 2 $1,000
1000 1 $5,000

Now the boring bit

There are a few rules:

  1. Broadcasters must notify DingIt when milestone is reached by contacting
  2. DingIt reserves the right to verify the accuracy of each stat reported. So, we will be on the look out for bots, fake accounts, fake views, etc. Any attempt at manipulating or faking your results will disqualify you as a broadcaster from the rewards program indefinitely at DingIt’s discretion.
  3. DingIt reserves the right to publicize any of our rewards through our various marketing streams and social media platforms.
  4. If a broadcaster breaches our Code of Conduct or Terms of Service, he or she will become ineligible for any prize package.
  5. Rewards will be paid on the first or the tenth of the following month, depending upon when we are notified about the milestone.
  6. DingIt will pay you either via PayPal or bank transfer.
  7. The list of rules is not exhaustive, if any manipulation or attempted manipulation of the system is detected, the user will be disqualified from any rewards.

Just head to our incentives page to learn more!

– Katy Willis

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