Philippines recognise Esports
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Esports will now officially be recognised as sports in the Philippines, allowing esports players to apply for the same VISAs as professional athletes.This follows other countries such as Finland, giving recognition to the industry.  Immortals favourite, Jake ‘Xmithie’  Puchero who is known as a League of Legends star, had issues being able to attend Worlds in 2015 due to VISA issues, so this change has many benefits for esport players that have had to deal with career affecting restrictions.

Attorney Ermar Benitez, of the Gaming and Amusements Board stated: “Out of the millions of enthusiasts, only a handful to the big leagues.” Which means, in order to be eligible for a visa, there are still stipulations. A confirmed professional esports team must vouch for the player(s) and then whoever is applying will obviously have a fee to pay.

So far VISAs have been issued to LoL, Heroes of the Storm and DOTA 2 competitors. Multiple HOTS players will compete at the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship.

This news will be especially triumphant for the DOTA 2 community, as it is ranked as the biggest esports in the Philippines, with the capital Manilla, already having hosted two major DOTA 2 tournaments with ESL One Manila and the Manila Major.

You can watch the best highlights from Xmithie and all the top games such as LOL, Dota 2 and more on

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