Beyond the Summit Partner with Dingit
by - September 4, 2017 in

When it comes to offering you the best esport highlight content from the coolest teams in the world, we don’t believe in limits. You could say we reach peaks and keep throttling onwards. You could say we go beyond…summits! If you can forgive the puns and keep reading, you’ll find out that we’ve added another great crew to our Dingit directory, with Beyond the Summit… also known as BTS, for short. If you’re not already aware of what this esport loving organisation offer, they have a host of great Dota 2 highlights which include in-game moments and tutorials.

Check this Well Timed Echo Slam from Evil Geniuses vs. LGD.Forever Young as an example!

Founded in March 2012, BTS has become synonymous with not only acquiring some great video game content for fans of Dota 2, but also for organizing a host of Dota 2’s most prestigious tournaments. Some of which include events, that we know you’ve heard of like; The International 2015 (TI5), ESL Frankfurt, and Dreamhack Winter. You can find out more about their events, including upcoming ones on their website.

By joining forces with, Beyond the Summit are able to ensure that fans of great Dota 2 matches, from their favorite teams or influencers, will get nothing but the best in terms of quality and high speed action, in one handy hub. Check out more of their highlights on their portal and be sure to follow us on social media for all the glorious Dota 2 action, as it happens!


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