Partners Splyce became first UK CoD team to win major international event in US!
by - June 14, 2017 in

These past few days have probably been spent in celebration by Splyce, as they have been crowned Global Pro League Stage 1 Champions. This means Splyce are officially the first UK CoD team to win a major international event that was held over in the US. But that’s not enough accolades for Splyce, as they also ticked off being the the first European team to win any tournament in the US, for a staunching seven years!



They went up against Luminosity Gaming 3-2 in the Grand Finals. Most spectators had assumed that Luminosity would end up begin the stronger team, as they had been dominating quite aggressively, primarily thanks to Octane’s efforts.

Ultimately Splyce defeated Luminosity, earning a pretty impressive prize-pool, with each player taking home $50,000 each. Phew!

Once again, massive congratulations to Splyce on their achievements, we’re really proud of the whole team!

For the best highlights from all Splyce teams we are the no.1 host – go visit their super Splyce-tastic portal!

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