Dingit.tv Partner Spotlight: Eanix
by Dingit.tv - October 11, 2017 in

Having an esport team that not only is world renowned, but also excels at a game that you are passionate about, is a big win. Then take that formula and multiply it by how awesome it is when that group covers not just one title, but many and creates amazing highlight moments. That’s what you get with our partners, Eanix and if you’re new to this US based squad, keep reading to find out more.

North American team Eanix‘s catalogue of games isn’t limited to just CSGO and League of Legends, but also spans across a sweet variety such as Injustice 2, Vainglory and Star Wars. They first entered the SMITE realm, when they acquired Valance Squad on March 25th, 2017. In April they acquired the ANIXIA Esports roster and included familiarleafAraussiTroops, and Yirps

Star Wars: Battlefront II The Galactic Funk And 3 Kills With 1 Grenade


By partnering with us here at Dingit.tv, fans of the games they play such as PUGB and the team members as a whole or single entity, will have the best access to their gaming content. No matter where in the world you are, we’re continuously fulfilling our promise of delivering the highest quality videos at warp speed. This applies to all our content and for all our partners and means you can switch between any world class Eanix highlights with ease and never miss the high octane action.
Eanix have had their fan fellowship increase significantly in the past few months and their fame has been picked up by major networks such as NBC Chicago. This year also saw the squad upgrade their snazzy jerseys with our Dingit.tv logo, which not only works pretty stylishly with their brand scheme, but makes us very proud to be able to show our support as they continue to dominate in a smorgasbord of gaming titles.
Given how well Eanix have done in 2017 alone, it’s exciting to see what lies ahead and how many achievements they’ll smash in 2018. We’re extremely pleased to be partnered with these rising stars and hope you stick with us and Eanix for future esport adventures! If you’re a fan of the team, let us know in the comments or on our social media and we’ll share your shouts outs!
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