Paladins: Battlegrounds – Official Trailer
by - January 8, 2018 in

Hi-Rez Expo 2018, free-to-play hero shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm announced a new battle royale mode named Paladins: Battlegrounds. You can check out the trailer below.


Naturally, you can never use a word from the English language more than once without people thinking something shifty is going on and that has happened with this new mode, given that Battlegrounds sounds like Battlegrounds, sorry Players Unknown Battlegrounds.

Hi-Rez president Stew Chisam decided to come out and explain this title choice.

We actually had a lot of conversations,” says Chisam. “Do we call it Battle Royale, do we call it Battlegrounds, do we call it something else? We thought if we call it something completely out of the blue people might not know what it was, or if we call it Survival which we previously had [as a mode] people might think it was the previous version. But Battlegrounds—we actually settled on Battlegrounds because—I don’t know if you got the same feeling when you played but when we got to actually playing the mode, you’re in your four-person team with your classes, it felt like an MMO raid party. 

“Then you’re getting on these horses and you’re galloping through this big fantasy landscape, right? For us it was more evocative of the old MMO battlegrounds. And so to us, choosing that name versus battle royale was more of an homage to those big MMO battleground-type settings.

It’s unlikely that this title will have any negative effect on how the game performs, but it may, due to publicity actually end up helping to spread the games name and existence across the esport stratosphere. Do you think that it was a cheeky decision to name this mode Battlegrounds or do you just hope the Battle Royale is a lot of fun and will make for some interesting esport highlights in 2018?


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