Overwatch release a new map!
by Dingit.tv - January 8, 2018 in

Overwatch’s Blizzard World Map is being released on PC, PS4 and Xbox Onem which mean that 2018 will be kicking off with a fresh new zone for fans of game to explore and cause utter carnage.

Now in terms of when exactly this new shiny map will come out, details are unfortunately a little vague. Director Jeff Kaplan said: “We’re glad that you all are so excited for Blizzard World. The map is almost ready for release but not quite there yet

It won’t be out this week but we are committed to releasing it very early this year!” said Kaplan, way to tease us! In the meantime there are some brand spanking new images of the map and new character, Moira. If you want to know what’s up with Moira, check out our character spotlight.


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