Overwatch: Guide to Doomfist
by Dingit.tv - July 30, 2017 in

The hype train has come in and we can finally all get on board with trying out Doomfist. Since his announcement the new addition to the Overwatch roster has already become a fan favorite, with people counting down the days until his release and some even creating stunning replica cosplay’s.

So now that he’s finally available, here’s the important info on Blizzard’s latest hero! First of all his real name is Akande Ogundimu and he is a ripe 45 years old (and looking good for it). He pays the bills by being a mercenary and his affiliation is with Talon. His main stance is as a tough offensive fighter, being someone you need to avoid (if you see his fists coming) at close range.

Some of his special moves include, Hand Cannon, Rocket Punch and Seismic Slam (getting flashbacks to Snorlax from pokémon here).


We’re probably going to spend a lot of hours this week getting to grips with Doomfist and his story and smashing a lot of people with his awesome range of well, smashing moves. If you want to check out Doomfist highlights and general Overwatch videos from fans across the world and eSport stars, we’ve got a FISTFUL (huehuehuehue) on Dingit.tv
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