Overwatch fix matchmaking in the new year!
by Dingit.tv - December 11, 2017 in

Overwatch season 8, comes out in January and Blizzard are making alterations to how the matchmaking system works. These changes will close the gap between the highest and lowest skill ratings (SRs).

How matches currently work see players with higher and lower limits of SR, being paired with people hitting the opposite of their current level, either above or below, which hinders anyone from progressing efficiently.

Blizzard made the following statement:

The matchmaker has previously assigned players who are of a much lower SR to the same team as 4500 SR player, and hasn’t always created the best match experience possible. During the month of December we will be quietly testing the effect of more restrictive SR limits to both match quality and queue times. With the data and player feedback from testing, we’ll then come back from our holiday break on January 2 and apply a finalized set of values for Season 8.

Overwatch –  No Trespassers!


While this may seem like a minuscule update, it’s one that will hopefully resolve a primary frustration for a lot of Overwatch players, as it is a reoccurring issue especially with such a large player-base. Blizzard have shown that they care about their fans and want to keep their titles fresh in terms of aesthetics and competition, but these tweaks also show that they’re listening to issues and applying fixes that will improve the gaming experience for everyone.


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