Our First Year
by Dingit.tv - February 22, 2016 in

After an outstanding first official year, we’d like to say “thank you for your support” – without awesome users like every one of you, it wouldn’t have been possible. And the really good news? We’re here to stay!


We’ve had an amazing 12 months, and we’ve grown steadily over this time. We’ve just hit 20 million unique views per month – which, you have to admit, is pretty amazing. Our mission from the get-go here at DingIt has always been to provide you with the best possible experience from a game streaming platform – something that we are committed to delivering on.

Not only do we provide exceptionally high-quality streams for broadcasters and viewers, but we organize and produce events too. We are working hard to make sure that we can create tournaments and events that are sustainable over the longer term, something we know gamers really want.

Do we love high-end esports tournaments? Absolutely. But we don’t forget the little guys, either. Even the very best players started out small. So we support grassroots gaming just as much as we do the big guns. Here at DingIt, we want to offer value to our visitors – we want you to enjoy your experience as a viewer or a broadcaster, whatever your skill level. In our quest for sustainable esports content, we’ve currently invested over $400,000 in original content and third-party esports streams, with over 800 broadcasts in the last year.



Here’s where we stand right now:

Current monthly unique viewers: 20 million

Total unique views over the last 12 months: 80 million

Hours of content watched: 6508680 (That’s 743 years)

Dingit screensaver

So we’ve gone from a small start-up in Beta, with many of the teething issues you’d expect from a new streaming platform, to a credible platform delivering outstanding quality streams in just 12 months. And, we’ve also expanded our operations into Korea, with DingIt.kr.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster but we couldn’t have got this far without you guys. We listen to what you’re telling us and genuinely value the feedback that we are getting. Here at DingIt, we’re all passionate about esports and gaming, and we’re committed to the gaming community, so if you’ve got any thoughts on ways we could improve, leave us a comment here.

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