Nordic University LoL Tournament launches
by - December 9, 2016 in

Students of Nordic universities will be able to compete for the title of best Nordic team LoL team. 32 Nordic university teams will be eligible to compete in the tournament, which will lead to a decider in January of next year

The event will take place in at Jönköping, Sweden,  hosted by the local university’s homegrown team JUSTICE and will be run by HP Inc and Swedish gaming platform provider Challengermode A quote from the official press release:

We created the University Championship because we want to give non-professional but serious teams the chance to compete in a professional environment and get something back for their hard-earned gaming skills,” Challengermode CEO Rob Efrem said in a press release. “Organizing esports around universities is a great way to spur community engagement locally at the universities.”

Good luck to all the university teams competing and lets hope that more and more support for homegrown eSport teams begins to thrive.


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