New Overwatch Doomfist Skins Look Incredible!
by - July 13, 2017 in
Blizzard show off new Overwatch hero Doomfist's new skins.

Time in Overwatch flys by, it’s literally only been a few days since Blizzard released Overwatch’s latest melee hero, Doomfist. His range of customisation items are also now available for everyone to see on the PTR (Public Test Region) servers. That’s right, you can now check out his skins, intros, voice-lines, victory poses, and more!

Like all heroes, Doomfist has a wide range of customisation options and all the Legendaries have their own really unique look. We especially like the Spirit legendary skin below which makes him look like a voodoo shaman! The guys over at Dot Esports have catalogued all of the new skins if you want to check them out.


Doomfist legendary skin.

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