Minecraft updates coming in the new year!
by Dingit.tv - November 20, 2017 in

In case you always been plagued by wondering, what exactly is in the oceans of Minecraft, the wait is finally over with the next wave (ohohohohoh) of updates coming to the game.

Simply titled, Update Aquatic, it will feature new creatures, models and ways of finally fulfilling your dream of being an underwater villain, much like that guy from The Spy Who Loved Me (only old people will get that reference).

With this update, players will have the ability to catch fish in a bucket add them to a giant aquarium, that you can build yourself of course. Additional building options, include shipwrecks and icebergs. There’ll also be even more treasure to hunt for, but this time you will have help from a dolphin. Just like real life.

All this info was provided by Team Mojang’s Jen to Will Arnett, which is the most secure method of relaying gaming news. Of course you’ll need new shiny weapons for your sea-faring adventures, like the Trident. All these new additions are really cool and will expand on the longevity of devotion to the game, but the cost is a delay to the graphical update that the team is working on. The Update Aquatic, is scheduled to go live in Spring. If you fancy sharing your dolphin adventures with the world, send your gaming highlights in to Dingit.tv or TheGamer.tv

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