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It’s been an amazing year so far for Level Up Media and of course and we’re just only finishing off March. There’s so many exciting announcements, events and great prizes and opportunities for our fans and community, coming up for the rest of the year, it’s hard to not spill all the surprises. Until then, lets recap on some great highlights (See what we did there) from the past month.


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UCC Portal

SHU Portal

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Efrag Portal

Celtic eSports League Portal


Insomnia Portal


One of the best things about is that all content you find is vetted, checked and approved by our amazing 24/7 dedicated teams. That applies for our Content Partners and all videos submitted by fans and general gaming/eSport lovers. Our goal is to provide consistent, awesome premium content that can be watched by anyone, anywhere in the world and even allow you to enjoy great gaming highlights at work during your lunch-break without worrying about any questionable content slipping through.

If you have great gaming moments saved or want to start recording your skills and funny moments and share them with the world, then join the Community. It’s incredibly simple to submit your highlights. We accept clips from almost every game, even that one about dating pigeons. We’re very fortunate to have a great eclectic viewership from all over the world who love all sorts of games. Don’t forget that every week, we run a highlight competition where the best clip of the week gets a special mention and the winner also gets a sweet $200 to whatever they want with.


We’ve already kicked of the year with some fun events, such as an, IEM KatowiceOverwatch  Tournament in Meltdown Berlin and being Headline Sponsors for the MCV Awards in the UK, where we were nominated for Best Media Team!

We’ve also just finished up attending London Games Fest, which included the amazing Rezzed convention, which brought together amazing indie developers and esport fans.

That’s the first couple of months already wrapped and the feedback all round was amazing, so naturally we’re going to keep the momentum going and going hard at that. Next up are events such as Insomnia60, were we are sponsoring a great Overwatch tournament, with a  top prize of $5000 up for grabs to the champions! There’s a lot coming from the Level Media Team and it’s hoping to be an awesome time for (and a few other exciting soon-to-be-live elements) and our community! 

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