Legacy of the Void Announced for StarCraft II at BlizzCon
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Legacy of the Void – the purported conclusion to the StarCraft II series – has been highly anticipated for what feels like ages – but it’s been kept well and truly under wraps – until now! Finally, Blizzard Entertainment decided to make their announcement and give us some info – with lots of teasing hints and previews! Here’s what we’ve found out so far:

[Video courtesy of Battle.net]

The Story

The story is well thought out and engaging, with a rich, dynamic plot that draws you in, enhancing your gaming experience. You play as Hierarch Artanis, on a mission to retake your home world, Aiur. However, while you’re attempting to liberate Aiur from the clutches of the terrible zerg Swarm with your fearsome Golden Armada, you learn that there is a threat to not just Aiur, but the entire galaxy. Amon – an ancient evil – threatens the fate of every citizen and every world. Only you stand between the galaxy and this terrible fate. You must take on this quest if the galaxy has any hope of survival. You, Hierarch Artanis, must unite the protoss factions. Only in unity is there any hope of defeating the encroaching darkness and the evil of Amon. Can you be the formidable leader the protoss need?


Game Modes

For Legacy of the Void, you have three game modes, aside from the standard option:

Automated Tournaments

Everyday, players from all around the world, of all skill levels can come and test their nerve and their skills. Each day, at a specific time, tournaments are held, and you can put your mettle to the test and battle your opponents for uber dominance!

Archon Mode

Archon mode allows you and an ally to team up and work from a single base to do battle against two enemies. Join forces with a team mate and combine your skills to create a formidable force.

Allied Commanders

This mode is a slightly different take on the co-operative game play of Archon Mode. You team up with an ally and play open-ended co-operative style, with a diverse array of scenarios, complete with campaign-style objectives.

Check back for more updates and announcements regularly! We stay on top of all the industry news and announcements – so stay tuned!

In the mean time, you can go here to sign up for beta!

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