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JAMCHESTER just wrapped up this past weekend in Manchester. The event is a massive gamejam fest, lasting the entire weekend and where everyone can compete in a video game creation competition.  Supporters included – Ukie, and Special Effect.


Info about the gaming jam which might help people decided if they want to attend future ones!

  • Teams of professional developers (and a sprinkling of up-and-coming student talent) compete onsite to create the best games in a weekend.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to network with other developers, learn new skills and have fun! Think of it as a chance to recharge your creative batteries in a friendly environment.
  • Teams will be 1 to 4 people. The event is open to pre-existing teams of friends, indie devs, students and we encourage individuals to sign up and join/create new teams themselves.
  • The jam is based on the established HAC100 format where developers stay onsite and work overnight on their projects.

The first place prize for best game went to Evos with Plan of Attack coming second.

  • Sigtrap won best Company team.
  • Award for technical achievement to The Butterfly Effect.
  • Innovation and creativity award went to Chronos

Other awards were given out but a big applause, cheer or virtual point and wink is deserved to all the participants, especially our lovely, majestic beard Support and Tech Wizard, Sam with his team Digital Crack and their game Stop the Clock.


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