Insomnia 60
by - June 7, 2017 in

This Easter Weekend saw one of the most popular gaming and esport events on the European calendar, not only rise up, but soar and we have it on good authority that everyone that attended had a blast.

Insomnia 60 kicked off the long weekend break, at the NEC in Birmingham. After great feedback and the turnout from Insomnia 59 decided to get involved again, this time offering fans a chance to show off their skills, form teams or showcase their teams – in an Overwatch tournament with gradient prizepools the top being £5000.


People from all round the UK and further afield convened in Birmingham to join in on eSport tournaments, see their favourite teams and influencers, check out all the cool merchandise stores (our favourite was the retro stall) and also to enjoy some lovely hotdogs!

We also were very impressed that the event facilitated a lot of activities for kids to enjoy, as sometimes we can forget that they are one of the main target audiences and they should have plenty of fun things to do, apart from seeing their favourite Yogcast member! Minecraft were one of the best hubs to entertain kids and every time we passed by the gaming area and Minecraft block building pen were always full of young fans having a blast.

The no.1 moment for us was seeing how many people participated in our Overwatch tournament and how there was a brilliant mix of friends who had formed teams just for the tournament and existing teams who used the event as a means to test their skills and get themselves known. That pretty much ticks off a primary aim Dingit has for the gaming community, being able to facilitate passionate gamers from all over and help them get noticed and pursue their goals!

We will be looking forward the the Insomnia event in Kilarney and then the one the will follow next year. It looks like there will be more Insomnia’s outside of the UK and Ireland and we are intrigued to see how it continues to grow year after year . For such an important event on the gaming and eSport calendar especially, Insomnia is a proven important event that offers a lot for consumers and community fans of all ages. Thanks again to everyone that attended Multiplay and all the volunteers!

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