Improve Your Creative Writing by Playing a Game??
by - May 26, 2015 in
Elegy for a dead world

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Despite the mass hysteria in the media, the research proves that in fact gaming improves certain skills – specifically fine motor skills such as dexterity and reflexes, as well as multi-tasking capabilities, logic skills, and strategizing techniques. But – how about improving your vocabulary, creativity, and creative writing?!? Well, that’s just what Elegy for a Dead World claims to do.

This epic game is at the forefront of the fast-growing world of mature games, combining self-development and entertainment in a stimulating environment. Elegy for a Dead World is a side-scroller designed to help you improve your creative writing abilities as you play.

You explore three ruined worlds, each based on a poem from the Romantic era. You are the sole survivor of an exploration mission and must continue with your quest alone, examining and observing each of the worlds and write detailed accounts of them to send to the rest of the universe.

As you progress, you’ll come across a range of writing challenges, including writing songs, poems, and prose, from the viewpoints of different characters.

It’s been described as a bit like advanced Mad Libs, with awesome audio, inspired visuals, and a strong story.

Download it, give it a try, and let us know what you think!

_Katy Willis

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