Idiot’s Guide to Worlds
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So it’s a week before Worlds. You might’ve tuned in to a couple of the streams, maybe late at night your favorite Broadcasters are taking a well deserved power nap while your caffeinated and highly awake-self is interested in watching some good eSports action. Or maybe you’ve just not found the time to keep up with Worlds and it’s as simple as that. Fear not, as this is Worlds for Dummies and we’ll have you talking about that ludicrous display last night like all the other punters in the proverbial pub.

First off you’ll need to know where to start, and as we’re at the end of Worlds here’s the crash course. Nexus’ were destroyed, dreams were shattered in a true show of Korean and Chinese dominance. The collective and hardened mechanics of Korea, meeting the hyper-aggressive play of China. After all was said and done, at the round of four we’ve seen KR-KR and CH-CH. Meaning we are guaranteed a Korean and Chinese final. If you reread this past paragraph you’ll notice a heavy emphasis on two particular countries. TL;DR It’s basically what everyone was hoping for and is going to mean some of the greatest matches of the year, and potentially ever. So…all aboard the hype train!

Now that class is in session we ought to give you a schedule. The finals will take place on Sunday the 19th of October 2014. Your homework is to turn up on time, with your preferred beverage and fast food delivery of choice, kick back and be amazed, as will the anticipated eight million other people watching alongside you. (To give you some perspective, that’s larger than the entire population of London.)

The Finals Examination begins at:

PDT/PST       -12:00

EDT/EST      – 03:00

UTC/GMT     – 07:00

CEST/CET    – 09:00

IST                – 12:30

SGT/CST      – 15:00

KST              – 16:00

AEST/AEDT – 18:00



At this point only one team is confirmed. Samsung Galaxy White who came through a commanding victory against fellow team Samsung Galaxy Blue. 3-0. (VOD –

It wasn’t unexpected as Samsung White (currently 12-1 in Worlds this year), and are most peoples’ hottest picks to take the championship, a significant improvement since their ninth place finish last year.

The next semi final is set to take place on the 12th of October between Team OMG and Star Horn Royal Club, going 6-3 and 8-3 respectively. So while technically SHRC have the advantage as far as wins this tournament go, they haven’t pulled a convincing lead to make this a clear cut game. Many eyes are fixed on them as this team composition is only five months old and although shows promise here, do not necessarily show the prowess to take down the behemoth that is Samsung White.

However, miracles do happen. This is eSports. The comebacks are real, it can always come down to the wire, and we’ve certainly seen stranger things happen. So get in and watch the Finals next week. Raise your dongerz, bring out your Kappas, and join the rest of the gaming community in our own private Superbowl.

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