Homestory Cup X Day One
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Homestory Cup X Day One

The Homestory Cup is held twice a year in Germany where 32 of the world’s best Starcraft 2 players band together to battle out for the title, and a total of $20,000 in prizes. The tenth cup is held in Krefeld’s club “Königsburg and began on November 13th where it will run until the 16th while viewers watch the battles in person and via livestream on the internet.



Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
TaeJae Ty MC Petraeus lash PartinG KangHO HyuN 
Kane Harstem ToD Hasu0bs Socke Stephano DIMAGA qxc 
Sacsri DeMusliM Miniraiser Dayshi First Grubby MaNa  Jaedong 
BlinG TLO Bunny Snute Ret Yoda JJAKJI  Lilbow 


HomeStory uses a 1v1 format with group stages and a single elimination bracket. In the first round, two players are eliminated from each Group, with Day One covering battles by Groups A through D.

Group A Winners



[Image courtesy of Team Liquid]

Yun “TaeJae” Young Seo is a 19 year old from South Korea who’s been making a name for himself since 2010 and has since racked up multiple wins in over 32 championships. He’s also competed in the HomeStory Cup since 2012, and won it a total of four times, so it’s no surprise to most that he moved into the second round on the opening day. TaeJae’s plays Terran and scored 2-0 against both Kane and Sacsri.




[Image courtesy of Flickr)

Sacsri is a newcomer to the HomeStory Cup, with three championships to his name. Sacsri or Lee Yeh Hoon is a 22 year old from South Korea playing Zerg in the HomeStory cup. He scored a 2-0 against Bling, and 2-0 against Kane, after loosing one round at 0-2 against TaeJae.

Group B Winners



[Image courtesy of Team Liquid]

Ty or Jun Tae Yang was one of the youngest programmers ever to be drafted by WeMadeFox, but didn’t make his first televised appearance until two years later in 2011. Since then he’ sranked 4th and 2nd in two major matches, but has few other achievements to his name. Ty is playing Terran in the HomeStory Cup, where he won 2-0 against Harstem and TLO.



[Image courtesy of Foxy]

TLO or Dario Wünsch is a 24 year old Gernam StarCraft player most famous for his use of tactics and confusion methods to win games. He’s placed high in 7 championships since 2011, but only won one in 2011. He also barely managed to make it into the second round in HomeStory playing Zerg with a 2-1 win against DeMusliM, a 2-1 win against Harstem, and a 0-2 loss against TY.

Group C



[Image courtesy of Kevin Chang/Team Liquid]

As the first Protoss player to move into round 2 so far in Homestory MC or Jan Min Chul is definitely one to pay attention to. The 24 year old South Korean typically plays is also personally sponsored by Global eSports Management, and known for his aggressive playing style.  He’s also placed in over 30 major tournaments and won a total of nine, including one HomeStory championship. MC  won 2-1 against ToD and 2-0 against Bunny .



[Image courtesy of DreamHack]

Patrick Brix “Bunny” plays Terran and scored 2-1 against MiniRaiser, and 2-0 on a second, final match with Miniraiser. He also lost 0-2 against MC.  Bunny has a total of 8 first place wins in major championships, with several other second and third place rankings, making him a definite competitor to watch out for.

Group D



[Image courtesy of Helena Kristiansson/]

Jens Aasgarde is a 24 year old Norwegian playing as Snute and competing with Zerg. With a total of 15 first place wins and a 2012 Homestory Cup win, he’s definitely one of the major competitors. Snute’s score is also holding solid at 2-0 against Dayshi and HasObs.



[Image courtesy of Creative Commons]

HasuObs or Dennis Snyder is the captain of Team Germany and plays Protoss, where he’s competeted in 14 major and premier tournaments, taking home 6 wins. HasuObs won 2-1 against Petraeus, lost 0-2 against Snute, and won 2-1 against Dayshi.

The first day of the HomeStory cup is over and so far, it’s been a lot of fun, and with two more days still to go, there’s a lot more to come.  Most of the Day 1 Group predictions are also incredibly accurate, with gamers consistently picking 6 out of the 8 finalists correctly.

– Katy Willis

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