HomeStory Cup X Day 2
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HomeStory Cup X Day 2 Leaderboard

It’s day 2 of HomeStory Cup Stage 1 and the remaining groups are battling for their place in Stage 2. Yesterday’s winners were TaeJae and Sacsri from Group A, TY and TLO from Group B, MC and Bunny in Group C, and Snute and HusuObs in Group D. Today, Group’s D through H went head to head. As always, HomeStory uses a 1v1 single elimination group round to eliminate players in stages, with the first Ro32 stage including 8 groups of 4 players.

Group E



[Image courtesy of Major League Gaming]

Lee Young Ho “Flash” is a 22 year old Starcraft programmer from South Korea, known for being one of the most dominant players in the competition, especially in Brood Wars. While he’s only participated in 5 premier tournaments, he holds the highest KESPA record ever, and listed at the Most Valuable Player at the 2014 Proleague Finals. Flash won 2-0 against Socke and 2-1 against First playing Terran.



[Image courtesy of ESL and Turtle Entertainment]

Kang Hyun Woo “First” is a 22 year old professional Starcraft 2 Protoss player and former Brood War professional. He’s been participating in Starcraft 2 matches since 2012, and multiple second and third places, and one win. First won 2-0 against Ret in a Protoss-Zerg match, lost 1-2 against Flash in a Protoss-Terran match, and won 2-0 in a second match against Ret to get the second best out of five.

Group F



[Image courtesy of KEVIN CHANG/Team Liquid]

Won Lee Sak “PartinG” is a Protoss player from South Korea. At 20, PartinG has been competing professionally for 3 years, and has won 6 major tournaments and placed in multiple others. PartinG won 2-0 in a Protoss-Zerg match against Stephano, and 2-0 against YoDa in a Protoss-Terran match.




[Image courtesy of ESL and Turtle Entertainment]

The 21 year old Choi Byun Hyung “YoDa” was one of the last two qualifiers for the day, but did manage to hold his own despite one loss. The South Korean Starcraft player has been competing since 2012 and won one major and one premier tournament in 2013. In HomeStory, he plays Terran where he won a match 2-0 against Grubby, who plays Protoss, lost 0-2 against PartinG, also on Protoss, and won 2-0 against Stephano playing Zerg.

Group G




[Image courtesy of Major League Gaming]

Hwang Kang Ho is a 22 year old Zerg Starcraft 2 player from South Korea. While his track record is not exceptional, he has scored second and third place in multiple tournaments, and has one win. He also moved on to Stage 2 with 2 wins, 2-0 against DIMAGA in a Zerg-Zerg battle, and 2-0 against jjakji in a Zerg-Terran battle.



[Image courtesy of DreamHack]

Grzegorz Komincz “MaNa” is a 20 year old Polish player focusing on Protoss. He’s been playing Starcraft sicne 2010, during which time he’s placed in 11 major tournaments and won 3. He started off the day with a 1-2 loss to jjakji in a Protoss-Terran battle, before winning 2-0 against DIMAGA in a Protoss-Zerg battle, and 2-1 in a second battle against jjakji.

Group H



[Image courtesy of Share-Alike]

Ko Seok Hyun “HyuN is a South Korean professional Starcraft II player sponsored by ROCCAT. He switched to Starcraft in 2011 after playing Brood War for several years, and at 26, is one of the oldest competitors in HomeStory Cup X. Hyun plays Zerg and won 2-1 against qxc who plays Terran, and Won 2-0 against Jaedong, who plays Zerg.



[Image courtesy of Team Liquid]

Lee Jae Dong “JaeDong is a 24 year old Starcraft programmer from South Korea. He won four major tournaments in 2013, and has since placed 2nd and 3rd in multiple more. JaeDong plays Zerg and won 2-0 against Lilbow who plays Protoss, lost 0-2 against HyuN in a Zerg-Zerg match, and won 1-0 against qxc to move into Stage 2.

With Stage 1 over and the original 32 players narrowed down to just 16, things are heating up and we’re excited to see what Stage 2 brings.

Katy Willis

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