Hitman TV series is coming!
by Dingit.tv - November 14, 2017 in

If you happen to have a Hulu account and are a fan of most of the Hitman games, then good news, a series is being developed exclusively for the network and John Wick creator Derek Kolstad. Previous attempts at bringing Hitman to a medium outside of gaming have not fared too well, with two films being received poorly. In 2007 we saw Agent 47 hit the big screens, played by Timothy Olyphant, who is a pretty good actor especially in roles where he plays a sheriff (Deadwood or The Crazies).

Then came Hitman: Agent 47 (seems they just reiterated his name because they couldn’t think of another way to distinguish from the previous film) which saw Rupert Friend take the role. Both films were¬† mediocre and didn’t seem to capitlise on the assassination madness of the games.

It’s said that Hulu are hoping this adaption might become a flagship series and perhaps allow them to come, somewhat close to Netflix. So far we have no information about this show, such as who will be starring in it, will they take cues from missions across the franchise, what rating will they be aiming for and more. We’ll have to patient and see if it’s possible to turn a game about a bald headed assassin, with limited wardrobe choices (outside of those he kills) into a household fan favorite series.

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