Highlight Winner of the Week (1st Wk May)
by Dingit.tv - May 24, 2017 in

In case you don’t know, not only is Dingit.tv the number one location for the best premium gaming highlights from all your favorite games, including some obscure ones, but we also host many great videos from eSport teams, influencers with huge followings and clips that come in from gamers and fans all over the world.

Each week we run a highlight competition and the best highlight of the week (which is hard to pick because we get so many brilliant submissions) gets $200 to spend on whatever they want and a special plug by us.

This marks beginning of our blog series, to announce those winner and let them show off them mad gaming skills!


Week 2 РRadoslav256  with CSGO Gangnam style from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Who would have thought that Gangnam style goes so well with headshots and explosions! Congratulations Radoslav256!

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